Graduate Recruitment!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re now in the position to hire a graduate trainee. As with all our work, we go all-out to do the job properly here so, in the same vein, here’s how we’ve gone about getting that all-important first hire…

We were absolutely deluged by over 250 applicants for this role – which surprised us, as a small firm, advertising for only one position! Here’s how they broke down…


A – Embarrassingly bad.

B – Poor Cover Letter.

C – Poor CV.

D – Silly Mistakes/Poor Attention To Detail.

E – Invited For Psychometric Testing.

Of the 50 we invited for the tests, only about 10 people got through the tests, averaging 70% or above.

The Perfect Candidate

Of course, there’s no such thing, but the people who got through to interviews had already proved that:

– they had good attention to detail; they had obviously done basic things like read our website and check for things like references on our advert and for silly mistakes on their applications

– they had excellent academics

– they had made an effort on their CV and covering letter; we didn’t feel like we were one of hundreds of companies they’d applied to.

So, they had already done very well to get through this far! At the interview itself, it wasn’t the person who had the best academics, or even all the “right” answers to our sometimes tricky questions.

Our top tip for an interview: be yourself! Obviously, prepare as hard as you can and make sure you turn up on time etc but, other than that, what made people stand out was how they answered the questions rather than the answers themselves. Don’t be ready with a script, be ready to have a sensible conversation with us…

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