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We were contacted by a company who wanted us to give them off-site bookkeeping. They were nervous about losing control of their books and records, having had it all in-house previously. The reasons they were looking at an off-site option were the flexibility it would offer, the significantly reduced monthly cost and the specialist knowledge that would be available to them.

What SME Southend did for them

– matters specific to their industry – FSA returns, help with capital calls, fund bookkeeping and help with the distribution of sales proceeds
– company secretarial services
– bookkeeping and record-keeping
– restructuring the format of their management     accounts
– monthly management accounts
– coordination with auditors
– preparation of VAT returns
– expense handling
– processing purchase invoices
– bank reconciliations
– generate sales invoices
– payroll
– annual accounts for their group LLPs and limited companies

Why they are a happy client

– attention to detail and flagging potential problems before they become serious issues
– we manage all their data
– we visit their site
– strong relationship with the client

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